6 Technologies That Can Help With Assisted Living

Technology has a far range of uses, from your home computers to your smartphones. While most people usually equate technology with the younger generations, technology can provide a lot of benefits for seniors. If you have a family member that is living in an assisted living, take a look at these 6 technologies that could increase their quality of life.

#1 – Hearing Aids
At the top of the list is something that many seniors already use. Hearing aids are a common technology for seniors, but recent advances have made these devices even smaller. They can be transparent and could even be invisibly inserted into the ear. The quality of these devices is better than ever, as is the cost, so there is now no reason why a senior cannot have a hearing device.

#2 – Wireless Home Monitoring
What is a wireless home monitoring system? These home monitoring systems include a variety of sensors and can be used to keep track of a person’s vital signs. Whether a person is living in an assisted living facility or at a upholsery cleaning in Houston, the wireless home monitoring device can be a lifesaver, alerting the appropriate person in the event of a health issue or change in their vitals.

#3 – Computer Tablets
With the latest ease of access programs and settings, a tablet can easily be set up so that anyone can figure out how to use them. Preload a computer tablet with photos of the family, music, and books, for the senior in your life. Before giving them the tablet, get it setup for easier viewing, by adjusting the size of onscreen text. You can even add a narrator program, for seniors that have very poor eyesight.

#4 – Various Home Assistive Devices & Facilities
There are many different home assistive devices that can help a senior retain some of their independence. The most common of these devices is home monitoring, but others include medication dispensing appliances and automatic shut-off systems for home appliances – such as ovens, new kitchens or coffee makers.

#5 – Skype
Skype is easy to use and is a great way for the whole family to be able to stay in touch with a senior living in an assisted living facility. Skype can be used on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. With just a couple button clicks, they can connect with family using video or voice chat.

#6 – Video Games
Recent studies have shown that playing video games on a regular basis can help improve cognitive function and reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. For those that already have the disease, regular game playing can help to limit the progression of the disease.

These are just a few of the technologies that can help improve the quality of life of your loved ones. If you have a family member that is currently living in an assisted living facility, consider using some of these technologies. From monitoring their health to improving their lifestyle, technology is not just for the younger generations – everyone can benefit from keeping up with the latest advances in technology.