How Technology Changed Smoking

Smoking has a history of practically slow technological improvement. But, considering this high-tech era, cigarettes too gets its fair share in advancements making it evolve into an even better business. During the mid-2000s, e-cigarette became very popular creating over 200 e-cig brands to date. This indicates the rapid growth and popularity of e-cig and how it continues to soar in the cigarette industry.

This business created a new generation of cigarette smokers called the “vapers”. Though the population is relatively small, there is a great possibility that this number will increase in the near future. With the existence of enticing ad campaigns, more and more individuals will definitely fall into the pit.

Man smoking e-cigarette

What does e-cig mean?

E-cigarette, is an electronic nicotine delivery system. This is vaporized by a powerful battery. Obviously, this product provides the same smoking experience as the traditional cigarette. Take note, e-cigs doesn’t contain tobacco, but it does contain nicotine, which is basically extracted from tobacco.


Type of e-cigarettes

There are various types of e-cigarettes, which you can buy from any Vapor Store with varying size and shapes. These types are designed for every type of user or smoker. There are various e-cig tutorials available online too if you are fairly new to this.

  • Mini – if you are just transitioning from regular cigarettes, this type is the most convenient and it provides the most natural-feel. Apparently, this is small and lightweight thus, is handy and easy to carry. Minis are available in both disposable and rechargeable formats.
  • Mid-Size and Vape Pens (Ego) – This is the most popular choice by intermediate users. This is still small and mimics the size of a regular cigarette. This provides an extended life and stronger vapor production. 
  • Mods/APVs – If you desire to get the ultimate vaping experience, Mods or APVs is the one for you. This can either be a tube (like a flashlight) or a box. In most cases, the user has full control of the aspects of the device.



Nowadays, more and more people opt e-cigarettes than the regular cigarettes. The reason is their growing popularity. There are some companies who follow strict standards like ISO 9001 QMS. There are also some other reasons. Among the reasons are the following:

  • Less Toxic – compared to a regular cigarette, e-cigs impose less threat as it contains less harmful substances like volatile toxic organic compounds and carbon monoxide. Hence, it is believed that the smoke that is being emitted is less likely to be harmful.
  • Less Restrictions – due to the fact that e-cigs are not yet properly regulated, this is actually allowed in “no smoking” areas.
  • Reusable – e-cigs can be reused since it is battery operated and all you need to do is just recharge it.
  • Savings – buy the whole kit once then you can reuse it. No need to use 3-4packs a day. This can provide a lot of savings in the long run.

e-cigThough the delivery method and components are different with the traditional cigarettes, e-cigs still has the same health implications. Though until now, we can’t be certain which cigarette option is better – both types still imposes the same health indications.