Avoiding Big Traffic Accidents With Our Recent Technology

truckNo accident is pleasant – neither to hear nor to look at, and accidents are the worst of all. Wondering why? The answer is very easy – a truck is a gigantic vehicle compared to any other personal vehicle that you can think of, so when an accident takes place, the injury and the long-term damage that can result from an accident are catastrophic and even fatal.

If you or a loved one are the victims of an accident, there are several things that you need to know about the law that regulates the vehicles.

These vehicles are actually commercial, as companies own them so the industry has several rules and laws that establish the standards for enterprises and drivers. The laws that are in place will determine who the one responsible for an accident is.

The drivers of large vehicles lack the technology to detect potential risk, which need to follow the laws in licensing because there are special rules for driving 18-wheelers. If you were involved with a driver that doesn’t have the right driving license, this could affect the legal case you can build against them and the employer.

There’s also a rule that states how many hours a driver can drive the vehicle, and this is why there are usually two drivers. There’s also a rule that states the maximum weight that a truck can carry. These rules are different from those of motorcycle. The thing is, the rules change from vehicle to vehicle and from state to state. For instance, you can contact motorcycle accident lawyer California and compare those rules with other vehicles to understand the differences.

The Liability

If you’re involved in an accident, you’ll need the help of an accident attorney to prove that the driver and his employer are responsible for your injuries. The company that owns the truck and that has hired the driver is in charge of any accident that their employees make, and this is called “vicarious liability”.

One way that the lawyer can help you to win the case against them is to prove that the company or the driver broke the law because this can prove their negligence. For example, if the driver was drunk, it makes him guilty.

Another way to show that the company is responsible for the accident is to be able to show that the driver was not properly specialized.. If the driver had several convictions for driving drunk, the company is liable for negligently hiring him without doing a background check on the driver.

With a good lawyer, there’s the possibility to recover all the expenses that you’ve made after the accident, like medical costs, lost wages, and others. You could receive payment for the lost earning capacity, loss of companionship or pain and suffering, all these covering the damages that could result from the accident that you were involved in.

It’s not a pleasant process to go through after an accident, but it’s better to receive a fair compensation that to receive nothing at all.

How Technology Changed Smoking

Smoking has a history of practically slow technological improvement. But, considering this high-tech era, cigarettes too gets its fair share in advancements making it evolve into an even better business. During the mid-2000s, e-cigarette became very popular creating over 200 e-cig brands to date. This indicates the rapid growth and popularity of e-cig and how it continues to soar in the cigarette industry.

This business created a new generation of cigarette smokers called the “vapers”. Though the population is relatively small, there is a great possibility that this number will increase in the near future. With the existence of enticing ad campaigns, more and more individuals will definitely fall into the pit.

Man smoking e-cigarette

What does e-cig mean?

E-cigarette, is an electronic nicotine delivery system. This is vaporized by a powerful battery. Obviously, this product provides the same smoking experience as the traditional cigarette. Take note, e-cigs doesn’t contain tobacco, but it does contain nicotine, which is basically extracted from tobacco.


Type of e-cigarettes

There are various types of e-cigarettes, which you can buy from any Vapor Store with varying size and shapes. These types are designed for every type of user or smoker. There are various e-cig tutorials available online too if you are fairly new to this.

  • Mini – if you are just transitioning from regular cigarettes, this type is the most convenient and it provides the most natural-feel. Apparently, this is small and lightweight thus, is handy and easy to carry. Minis are available in both disposable and rechargeable formats.
  • Mid-Size and Vape Pens (Ego) – This is the most popular choice by intermediate users. This is still small and mimics the size of a regular cigarette. This provides an extended life and stronger vapor production. 
  • Mods/APVs – If you desire to get the ultimate vaping experience, Mods or APVs is the one for you. This can either be a tube (like a flashlight) or a box. In most cases, the user has full control of the aspects of the device.



Nowadays, more and more people opt e-cigarettes than the regular cigarettes. The reason is their growing popularity. There are some companies who follow strict standards like ISO 9001 QMS. There are also some other reasons. Among the reasons are the following:

  • Less Toxic – compared to a regular cigarette, e-cigs impose less threat as it contains less harmful substances like volatile toxic organic compounds and carbon monoxide. Hence, it is believed that the smoke that is being emitted is less likely to be harmful.
  • Less Restrictions – due to the fact that e-cigs are not yet properly regulated, this is actually allowed in “no smoking” areas.
  • Reusable – e-cigs can be reused since it is battery operated and all you need to do is just recharge it.
  • Savings – buy the whole kit once then you can reuse it. No need to use 3-4packs a day. This can provide a lot of savings in the long run.

e-cigThough the delivery method and components are different with the traditional cigarettes, e-cigs still has the same health implications. Though until now, we can’t be certain which cigarette option is better – both types still imposes the same health indications.


Sending Fax Using Google

fax to emailGoogle is definitely one of the most widely-used services online. With its wide range of services, a lot of people are now using Google services like the Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Drive and more. One of its most used services today is the email which can be connected to other services like the Google Drive, Calendars and Maps. However, one drawback when using Gmail is that it does not offer faxing service directly from your Gmail account.

If you need to send a fax using your Gmail, then the easiest way is to use a third-party service provider. The good thing is that there are now a lot of third-party companies that offer online fax services from your email. Some are offered free but for a limited number only or within a trial period.

When sending a fax through an online fax service, all you have to do is input the fax number to the TO field and attach the fax content to the email. The cover page for the online fax will be the Subject or the Message field.

To try these steps, make sure that you are already connected or you have an account with an online fax service provider.

To help you get started, follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Go to your Gmail account and click Compose to create a new email.
  2. . Type the fax number in the TO field followed by the domain provided by your online fax service. Example: 1234567@onlinefaxcompany.com. If you do not have the domain, contact the online fax provider or check the website for instructions on how to send Gmail fax using their services.
  3. Enter the message you want for your cover page in the Message or Subject field.
  4. Click the Attach button and attach the document you want to fax. There are different file types to choose from. Make sure to choose the file type that is provided or compatible with your online fax provider.
  5. Lastly, click the Send button.

The receiver should be able to receive your fax within minutes. You will receive a confirmation message through your Gmail if your fax is successfully sent or not. The details of what went wrong will also be shown on the confirmation message if ever the transmission was not successful.

google fax sendAnother good thing about using your Gmail account or using google fax via email fax that you can attach files to the email directly from your Google Drive. If the file you need to send as fax is saved on your Drive, simply click Compose and press the Drive icon which is located next to the Attach icon or the paper clip.

However, you should remember that most of the online fax services are offered free for a limited time or number of faxes only. Some companies will offer you a free trial account for 15 to 30 days only while some companies will offer you free 5 to 20 online faxes only. Once your trial period is over or you’ve reached the maximum number of free faxes, you will be required to pay either through subscription or a specific fee per fax.

If you are going to use online fax regularly, then subscribing to a monthly service will be a good option. However, if you are not going to send online fax often, paying per fax will be a more money-saving option.

Tools and Software to Use for Website Optimization


technology and search engine optimizationTechnology these days have become the foundation of many different innovations around us. Developing tools and different kinds of software to support the needs of the user is a big part of these advancements we observed. As time goes by, making websites has been one of the most effective ways of promoting a business or to gain income online.

For a website to be useful, it has to be optimized to rank in Google Search, according to Pathedia SEO. Without being optimized, you can’t expect visitors or customers to find your business. In that situation Website Optimization comes in, this process is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are two known techniques when it comes to SEO; on-page and off-page optimization.

Effective On-Page Optimization Tools

To understand better, on-page optimization is the process of improving the links inside your website. For Google to list your website in the search engine, your website’s HTML codes, Meta tags, keywords and links has to be in their proper places which can be done on the back end of your site. Check the few listed tools below that can assist with the most basic optimization procedure.

  • Google AdWords: Keyword Planner – one of the vital components of a good ranking website is the keyword. To be able to come up with the appropriate keywords for your website, you need a reliable keyword research tool. There are free tools out there and one is from Google.
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool – this tool helps to track, analyze and audit links inside a website. This step is very important to find and identify broken links on your website, since these bad links affect the website’s ranking. Fixing broken links will improve the website’s speed.
  • Google Analytics – to have and maintain a good ranking website, you need a constant report of analysis for your Google Rank. By using the Google Analytics tool, you can generate report of your current standing and from there you can determine where you are and what you need to do next.
  • SEO Check tool if you want to generate a detailed analysis of your on-page optimization, then be sure to use the SEO checking tool from Pathedia.

Off-Page Optimization Helpful Tools and Software

Link building is the most common technique when it comes to off-page optimization. It is used to build back links to get organic traffic, which makes a website friendly to Google algorithm and eventually secure a place in top ranks.  Below are some tools to use for back linking.

  • Backlink Watch – it helps to know your inbound links, the quality of links you are getting so far (both inbound and outbound links).
  • SEOquake – it is a plug in you can install on your browser that you can use when viewing in search engines. By using this, you can simply see your website and your competitors rank in the search engine and so as other information needed for link building.

These are the few tools for website optimization, for more information click here. Without technology, these helpful software and tools would not be available for people to use for our better economy. Resource: Pathedia 

6 Technologies That Can Help With Assisted Living

Technology has a far range of uses, from your home computers to your smartphones. While most people usually equate technology with the younger generations, technology can provide a lot of benefits for seniors. If you have a family member that is living in an assisted living, take a look at these 6 technologies that could increase their quality of life.

#1 – Hearing Aids
At the top of the list is something that many seniors already use. Hearing aids are a common technology for seniors, but recent advances have made these devices even smaller. They can be transparent and could even be invisibly inserted into the ear. The quality of these devices is better than ever, as is the cost, so there is now no reason why a senior cannot have a hearing device.

#2 – Wireless Home Monitoring
What is a wireless home monitoring system? These home monitoring systems include a variety of sensors and can be used to keep track of a person’s vital signs. Whether a person is living in an assisted living facility or at a upholsery cleaning in Houston, the wireless home monitoring device can be a lifesaver, alerting the appropriate person in the event of a health issue or change in their vitals.

#3 – Computer Tablets
With the latest ease of access programs and settings, a tablet can easily be set up so that anyone can figure out how to use them. Preload a computer tablet with photos of the family, music, and books, for the senior in your life. Before giving them the tablet, get it setup for easier viewing, by adjusting the size of onscreen text. You can even add a narrator program, for seniors that have very poor eyesight.

#4 – Various Home Assistive Devices & Facilities
There are many different home assistive devices that can help a senior retain some of their independence. The most common of these devices is home monitoring, but others include medication dispensing appliances and automatic shut-off systems for home appliances – such as ovens, new kitchens or coffee makers.

#5 – Skype
Skype is easy to use and is a great way for the whole family to be able to stay in touch with a senior living in an assisted living facility. Skype can be used on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. With just a couple button clicks, they can connect with family using video or voice chat.

#6 – Video Games
Recent studies have shown that playing video games on a regular basis can help improve cognitive function and reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. For those that already have the disease, regular game playing can help to limit the progression of the disease.

These are just a few of the technologies that can help improve the quality of life of your loved ones. If you have a family member that is currently living in an assisted living facility, consider using some of these technologies. From monitoring their health to improving their lifestyle, technology is not just for the younger generations – everyone can benefit from keeping up with the latest advances in technology.

Daily Life and Daily Technology


It’s not wrong to say that technology has an extremely important role in our lives. We constantly use computers, machines and other items and objects that have implemented in them at least a small part of technology. To give you a few examples, just think about your car, your coffee maker, your TV, your computer, the electric toothbrush, the hairdryer, the security system from your house, the ATM where you cash out money, your smart phone and tablet and so on.

teacher_and_student_1600_clr_11776Lots of things were developed in the last period of time, and everything was made to increase our comfort in our daily lives. It makes things easier for us, allowing us to spend the rest of the time however we want to.

Let’s see some areas where technology is constantly used for a good purpose.


techThis is such a wide area, that people are not fully conscious of the extent that we all go in using the technology. For example, in factories, machines are used now instead of individuals. The machines are still controlled by people, but the hard work is done solely with the use of technology. Let’s give as an example a bottles factory. Do you know how many people would you need to make 100,000 glass bottles? Well, the amount of work would be huge, and so would be the time spent on making them. With the right machine, you can have those 100,000 glass bottles in 1 day or less.


Long time ago, people used letters and the postal service to communicate at long distances. If you wanted to talk to somebody from another town, you had to write a letter, send a telegram or jump in the train and make 1 day on the road to get to the destination.

our_spaceNow it’s extremely easy with the help of technology. We have phones, apps, and not to mention the online gaming environment. One of the most popular gaming environments is League of Legends. 

Besides communicating in the gaming field, we can use emails, faxes and other instant ways of delivering a message. You press the “send” button, and the recipient can answer instantly. It’s easy and efficient and you have to admit it makes your life very easy.

It’s also important in business, as the business owners know in real time if the customers were satisfied or if they are asking for improvements, directly on site.


It’s not about romantic relations, but it’s about being able to connect easier with other people. Times have changed and now you can meet new interesting people via the social networks. It’s easy and fun and it has replaced those boring meetings when people who wanted to socialize were gathering one time a month to a kind of party. Technology has replaced those events with a continuous access to meetings and special interests. On the social networks you will be able to make friends, learn new things or even get a job.


featuredEven if not all the teachers recognize the power of technology in education, it is true that students learn easier with the help of gadgets and apps specially developed for them. For example, with only your tablet you have access to thousands of books for different areas of interest. Now you can read online or download the books directly on your device. If you are interested, you can learn anywhere and extract the information that you need. It’s the same principle like learning a new language – you do it on your own time, and with nothing else but an app.


This is more accurate to be called e-commerce, because it’s something that has recently appeared. The usual commerce is conducted in the brick and mortar stores like the coffee machine lease perth, while the e-commerce is used to define the commerce made in the online environment. Both of these actually use special technology, but for the same purpose – to make the experience of shopping easier and attractive to the regular buyer.

There are more things that you can learn about the use of technology, so come to us at TLDRConf for more information!